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At Emergency Alarm, we offer a platform which is developed to support the elderly, sick or vulnerable loved ones at home. We work keeping in mind that they may need support anytime. Through our years of research and practice, we have come up with a device which is significantly fruitful in helping our vulnerable loved ones.
We completely understand that the worst circumstances do not ask before they come. Especially when we are weak enough to help ourselves. Therefore, to offer instant support to your elderly when they need it most is our topmost concern.
At Emergency Alarm, we provide personal alarm services to our customers. This alarm acts as an emergency tool that fixes into the telephone line, pendant, wrist band or belt where it can be used easily. Everything includes the Emergency Alarm services. The Emergency Alarm team is trained enough to recognize an emergency and resolve it proficiently.
Emergency Alarm personal alarm is easy to use and examined by the user before setting up. Once the examination completes, the user is finally linked to the Emergency Alarm real-time support team.
Once your loved one falls in an emergency, immediate help reaches them on a press of a red button on the emergency alarm. On receiving intimation, our emergency team contact your loved one and immediately contact their emergency contact or do the needful. Till the time help does not arrive, our team member remains in touch with him or her.

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We Help Families to Care Old Age

24/7 Monitoring System

24/7 Monitoring by our Emergency Alarm. If the user has an emergency, press the SOS button and talk directly into the alarm with the operator.

Automatic Fall Alerts

The Pendant alarm will trigger an automatic SOS alert to our 24/7 Operator. We respond, speaking with the user through their pendant and contact the appropriate help.

24/7 Smartphone APP

Family, friends, relatives and carers receive SOS & Fall Alerts to their mobile. 2-Way-Voice, speak directly to the user through their alarm. APP notifies you of any Emergencies or Falls.

How Does The Emergency Alarm Service Offer A Profound Support?

At Emergency Alarm, we offer a personal alarm in categories: protect alarm and care button alarm. In your package, you will receive an Emergency alarm base unit and hook to attach it to your pendant. Its ease to use in any way making it popular among vulnerable people. So, After fixing our emergency alarm, your loved one gets a different option to use it in their pendant, wrist band or belt.
Its water-resistant feature makes it an outstanding security device as you can wear it while taking a bath and swimming as well. There is completely no need to remove it anytime. No matter whether you are inside the house or relaxing in the garden, it works everywhere.
Our Services Are Designed For
In the world of uncertainty, we are prone to mishappening all the time. However, we are able enough to help yourself, but some people lack this ability. You may have an elderly or vulnerable loved one at your home who can not help themselves in case of an emergency. We can indeed be strong support for them, but we can not be around them all the time. This is what makes it necessary to provide them with an emergency alarm. We strongly believe that a personal alarm is a life-saving asset for elderly and vulnerable loved ones.
Taking this as a concern, the Emergency Alarm team has designed a personal alarm particularly for elderly, sick and weak loved ones. Wearing an emergency alarm ensures a secure environment for them.
Apart from the elderly, an emergency alarm is also useful for people with medical disabilities. The alarm especially strengthens people who are prone to fall and suffering from health issues like High B.P,  heart issues, arthritis and so on.
We have offered our profound services and are still offering to vulnerable people all over the United Kingdom.
Why Should You Choose Us?
Being a leading provider of personal alarm in the UK, the Emergency Alarm offers advancement in emergency alarm technology. Apart from this, we ensure on-time delivery to our valuable customers. Ordering through us is really simple. Whether you are a patient who continuously pays a visit to the hospital or you are elderly who live alone, buying an emergency alarm is so user friendly from us.
The Emergency Alarm that we offer does not take many efforts in installation. Our step by step guide will help you in easily finishing this task. To install it asks you to insert the alarm into the telephone socket and an energy socket and then link it to your telephone line using its adaptor.
Above all, the most important reason you should choose us is our well-versed elder care team. Our well-trained team is what strengthens us to offer all-around security to our customers throughout the year. By doing so, we resemble that whenever our customer needs our support, we are there for them.
Five Reasons Why You Need A Personal Alarm
Usually, a personal alarm is suggested for elderly and disabled persons, but it is also providing great support for a person suffering from an ailment for a long time. Apart from this, it is an outstanding safety device for people who live alone. Still, confused? Here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing a personal alarm.
It Offers Instant Help
One of the great benefits of an emergency alarm is: it offers instant help as and when required. It basically consists of two parts: The base unit and pendant emergency button. When a person falls in an emergency, it automatically sends a message and the responsible team arranges help within a few minutes.
It Does Not Interfere With Your Independence
Installing an emergency alarm does not mean you will get help only when you are near the socket where it is installed. You can complete your routine like before and get help wherever and whenever you need.
Buying An Emergency Alarm Is Affordable
Personal Alarm does not put a burden on your pocket. It saves the cost you pay to a caretaker. However, installing an emergency alarm requires you to pay for it, but leading personal alarm service providers offer you to choose from different payment options. So, it does not disturb your budget.
It Gives A Sense Of Security To All
It is human nature to remain worried about their loved ones. Especially when our vulnerable loved ones live alone, we keep on wondering about their security. Installing a personal alarm at your loved one automatically updates you whenever there is an emergency. So, having a personal alarm installed to give a sense of security to all.
It Reduces Burden On National Health Service
People who suffer disabilities and medical health issues look for best care from hospitals. It may not be possible for hospital staff to give equal attention to all the patients. In such cases the personal alarm system is a great help for the NHS. Some patients get care at home as and when needed which further reduces the burden to maintain extra beds for patient Emergency Alarm

Our SOS alarm service offers the following benefits:

Our ultra-fast, responsive team are always ready to help. Our response alarms and personal alarms for the elderly offer simple price plans that are designed to suit all budgets.

Help at the push of a button

All you need to do is activate your personal alarm or response alarm by pressing the button. It’s the same procedure whether you have a base unit, a bracelet or a pendant. Emergency Alarm

A signal is sent from your personal alarm to the monitoring centre and answered by an operator who will have all your personal information to hand, including where you are and who to contact on your behalf. Emergency Alarm

You will be able to speak to the operator using the microphone on your personal alarm. Emergency Alarm

The appropriate assistance (as per your personal alarm plan) will be sent to help you. We supply key safes as well to ensure access is possible for family and friends. Emergency Alarm

Emergency Alarm​

"I got a personal alarm both for mum and for my peace of mind..."

“If you want to care for your vulnerable loved ones but
can’t always be at their home to look after them yourself, a Emergency Alarm provides your whole family
with the reassurance that immediate help is at hand
should it ever be needed, via the simple push of a button.”

Emergency Alarm

Help is only a button press away – all our operators speak with the user directly through the Medical Alert. No landline or installation required – Product arrives ready to use. Emergency Alarm

Emergency Alarm

At Emergency Alarm, we offer a platform which is developed to support the elderly, sick or vulnerable loved ones at home. We work keeping in mind that they may need support anytime. Through our years of research and practice, we have come up with a device which is significantly fruitful in helping our vulnerable loved ones.

Download our APP for Android & IOS – Suitable for Family members or carers. Receive instant SOS and Fall notifications wherever, whenever. Have full control over your loved one’s preferences and talk directly to user through your smartphone to the Medical Alert System. Emergency Alarm

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We Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Care Old Age


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We Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Care Old Age


We Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Care Old Age

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Emergency Alarm
Virginia Snyder

Bought for 90 year old relative who lives independently. Gives him and ourselves reassurance that he can contact us if necessary and if he takes a tumble this device automatically detects fall and gets help. He has accidentally activated this a few times and the staff at the call centre have been very attentive and helpful. He is non hearing so cannot respond to device but it has settled him and given him security and and confidence. Highly recommend this product and excellent support team.” Emergency Alarm

Emergency Alarm
Harold Harrison

In October 2018, call-handler Kevin responded to an alarm activation from an address in Billericay, Essex, where the resident was scared by a man trying to forcefully gain entry to his home. Raising his voice through the speaker on the Home Unit, Kevin addressed the would-be burglar, telling him that police were on their way. The man fled the scene and the resident was left unhurt, if rather shaken, by the incident. Emergency Alarm

Debra Reyes

“Excellent product, the care line team can talk to my partners grandad anywhere he goes, so much better than the rest on the high street that only have them for the house and speak to the person thorough a speaker not the pendant. First line protect are brilliant!!!!!!!” Emergency Alarm

Jean Romero

“Prompt efficient service . Reliable communication wherever we may be gives peace of mind to all. The talk through pendant has made a fantastic improvement to the problem of responding to someone who has hearing difficulties and dementia as reassurance on the progress of assistance greatly relieves the stress of any situation.” Emergency Alarm

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