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Offer Your Elderly A Peace Of Mind In Lockdown

The entire world is experiencing the pain of a highly contagious Coronavirus, forcing governments to introduce lockdown. This virus is proving highly deadly for many countries, and the United Kingdom is one of them. Recently, by keeping its citizen safety on top, the country introduced a second lockdown. Although medical practitioners and scientists throughout the world have been making vigorous efforts to come up with a vaccine, still, prevention from Coronavirus is the only option left with countries.

No doubt lockdown is supporting to control community spread, but it is also influencing the mental health of our elders. The shift of life from complete freedom to isolation, making them anxious, stressed, and unable to physically connect to their loved ones.

Usually, People want to make sure that their family members are perfectly taken care of in this lockdown. However, this also increased the demand for mental health assistance. To overcome the mental health issue, here are some excellent ways to encourage your elderly to come out of this tough time.

Before moving further, it is better to understand the second lockdown rules first! Essentially, no changes are made in the rules in the second lockdown, but are the following:

  • Essential items shops will remain open.
  • Non- essential shops will remain closed.
  • The hospitality sector will remain closed to the public.
  • Government has given preference to work from home.
  • Avoid non-essential travel; Come out only when needed.

For complete guidelines: visit the official website of the UK government.

Coming to the matter, here are some ways that you can do to ensure your elder safety:

How To Offer Care To Your Elders?

Become A Support In Buying Essentials

The complete media is proof that Coronavirus is a big threat for aged people. Old age comes with many health issues, and along with Coronavirus, it becomes life-taking. Our elderly get easily infected through this virus if they have already prevailing health conditions. Although the situation recommends staying indoors as much as possible, buying necessity forces our elders to come outside.

So, the best support you can offer to your elders is to shop the necessary items for them and keep them safe at home. While buying items from the shop, follow necessary safety guidelines and avoid physical contact from elders.

Keep In Touch Through Video Calls

Technology is making a strong presence throughout the world, and its importance is increased further in this time of pandemic(Coronavirus). With time more and more people are adopting advanced technology, still, some people are not aware of smart technologies like smartphones, video conferencing software, tablets and many more.

If you could do these things for elders then you must do: let them be aware of video calling features, how to use different apps, ways to reduce anxiety and how to learn new things. No matter, at what age we are, our family and friends remain our biggest support. Surrounded by our loved ones all the time gives us the utmost happiness, which further helps us in developing a great immune system.

Provide Them Emotional Support

Loneliness is the biggest reason which is killing the aged population in lockdown. In concern to this, the government has set up a telephone fellowship scheme. This scheme helps elders to stay connected with loved ones. When they talk with friends and share their feelings, it helps them in reducing stress and creating laugh moments. This scheme has benefits even for people who had no family and friends to connect. Receiving a call, offer them emotional support which is the most important need of every being on this planet.

We have discussed how you can offer peace of mind to your elderly. However, what if you are not able to be around them all the time. It is natural to get concerned about elders’ safety all the time. If you are one of them who are worried about your helpless family member safety, an emergency alarm offers immediate support as and when required. They need to push a button only, and help will arrive in no time.

EmergencyAlarm – Delivers Love And Support To Your Elders

Give all your worries to us!

Being an elder care team, we understand how disgraceful it feels when you are not able to care for your elders. It could be heartbreaking to see your loved ones in trouble. Since Coronavirus spread its reach in the world, it became common to not be able to meet your elders physically, offer them emotional support and sit with them.  Are you suffering from the same dilemma? Then all your worries end here. Emergency alarm is an elder care team that is driven by the aim to make your vulnerable loved ones flourish again.

Emergency alarm teams believe that caring aged people is just like caring for a child. They also need the same tenderness, support, and motivation all the time. We understand how stressful it can be to not see their loved ones around. Especially, In this pandemic, it is normal to be surrounded by negative thoughts all the time.

At Emergency alarm, we help your elder to find their inner peace and get instant help by pressing a button only. In other words, your elders are just one button press away from us.  It is an amazing asset for those that are vulnerable to fall and that are unable to make a call. 

Our team offers real-time services and is well trained to immediately analyse the elder support and deliver them support as soon as possible. Do not think that you are alone in this pandemic time. The EmergencyAlarm team is always there to support you.


Old age is a time to celebrate relaxation earned by doing hard work during life. However, loneliness and various health issues try to take that relaxation and happiness from our elders. To save those beautiful souls, we should provide them with a happy, positive, and loving environment. Most often, they may need our support to walk like they became our when we were young. So, book an emergency alarm for your elder to offer them a secure environment.

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