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Top 5 Health Issues Our Elderly Suffering From

Life is so beautiful, but everything beautiful does have a dark side too. We take birth as a child, prosper through our life and grow old. During our childhood and young age, we enjoy life to the fullest, but gradually different health issues surround us and take over our happy life. Old age is a time when you want to enjoy everything with family but does it happen? Recent studies show that some common health issues are affecting the lives of millions of aged people in the UK. The country is still facing the rise in health issues as it has a larger population of aged. Among other health issues, Falls is the largest reason that most of elderly are taking emergency alarm services. These services help them to call for help in case of need.

Although there is an increase in health issues, the advanced medical facility is helping elderly to manage them properly. The list of health issues is never-ending for our elderly, but there are some common diseases. If we have proper knowledge of their causes and treatment, we can treat them easily.

Common Health Issues – Symptoms and Treatment

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a serious problem making most of the old aged people suffer. It occurs when the tissue inside the joints starts disrupting. One of the biggest problems, Arthritis causes pain and inflammation on joint movement.

Arthritis divides into two categories: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The former is more common and happens due to age or more use of joints.

Symptoms To Recognise

  • Pain, swelling, and discomfort in joint
  • Lack of joint movement
  • feel of burning near joints.


Although no medicine has been found for Arthritis, one can get painkillers and corticosteroids to reduce the discomfort it causes.

Apart from this, chances of fall probably rose due to Arthritis. So, we can set up a personal alarm to get instant help for our elderly as we can not be around them all the time. The emergency alarm system consists of a button that your elderly need to press in case of emergency and help will reach your doorstep. One can fix this alarm in his or her pendant, belt, and bracelet etc.


Hypertension comes in a package with old age. It represents a high blood pressure issue which is taking the life of most of the people in the UK. The serious concern is that a major population is suffering from this health condition, and people don’t even realise it. So, regular blood pressure check-up is necessary.

Symptoms To Recognise

  • Intense Headaches,
  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • Strange heartbeat
  • Chest pain

It is not easy to recognise hypertension at the starting age, and normally the patient comes to know about it when their blood pressure crosses a danger limit. Hypertension seriously impacts your major organs like heart and kidneys. It exerts pressure on blood vessels, and it can result in deadly health issues like Heart attacks, kidney and so on.


  • Take A Healthy Diet: Include fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay away from food that contains high saturated fat and sugar.
  • Maintain Healthy Lifestyle: sometimes a healthy lifestyle removes all your worry about health issues.  Starting your day with exercising, stretching, walking and sipping water develop a strong immune system to fight disease.
  • Say No To Smoking: Nicotine is the greatest producer of high blood pressure. So, avoid it to go more miles.
  • Regular Blood Pressure Checks: To encounter this health issue in advance, regular BP is the only way.

Apart from this as an elderly, sometimes we feel helpless when our family members are not around. In that case, an emergency alarm is an effective tool. When you experience sudden chest pain or do not feel ok, you can call for help by pressing an emergency button. The emergency alarm team will contact you immediately and do the needful.

3. Asthma

Asthma is a form of allergy in the nasal passage that causes breathing issues. The Asthma patient may experience pain, fear and burning sensation.  It gradually makes the windpipe thin and people feel difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms To Recognize

  • Frequent coughing
  • Stiffness in chest
  • Problem in breathing

As you grow old, your immune system gets weaker than before, thus making you more prone to Asthma. The condition gets worse when a person catches a cold with Asthma. So, it is necessary to regulate this disease.

This is a life-taking disease and a person who suffers from it may need help anytime. In that situation, an emergency alarm can prove a life-saving asset. When the person faces an Asthmatic attack, pressing an emergency button can save his life. The emergency alarm team arrives immediately and interacts with the patient until they reach the location. In case of fall, the emergency alarm automatic sensor can detect your situation and the emergency alarm team can reach there on time.

4. Loss of Vision

Lack of eye sightedness comes hand in hand with age. In the UK, millions of aged-people suffer from loss of vision. It happens due to AMD(age-related macular degeneration)

The leading cause of blindness is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This is a collection of material on the macula. It also occurs due to irregular blood vessels generated inside it.

Apart from this Glaucoma is another reason causing blindness in the elderly. It happens due to stress exerts on the optic nerve and diabetes. A diabetic patient invites other health issues too.

Symptoms To Recognise: Blur vision


  • Go for Cataract surgery
  • Use Eye drops
  • Laser operation

As soon as you come to know, you are suffering from lack of vision, seek medical care. Chances to recover successfully remains high if one gets the right treatment early. So, go for a regular check for your eyes and see the beauty of this world clearly.

5. Coronary Artery Disease(CAD)

This disease is also known as Coronary heart disease. The highest percentage of death in the UK happens due to Coronary heart disease(CHD).  The National Health Service defines that this is caused due to blockage in the artery due to the formation of plaque that prevents the flow of blood to the heart and ultimately causes death.

There can be many reasons for Coronary heart disease, but the major are poor lifestyle, weak immune systems and health conditions like High cholesterol level, high BP, diabetes, and overweight.

Symptoms To Recognize

As such symptoms are rare in CHD at the initial stage and it shows influence once it gets fatal. Only through regular assessment, one can know the changes happening in the body. Some of the biggest symptoms are

  • Heavy chest pain
  • Heart stroke
  • Heart failure


To recover from Coronary artery disease or to prevent it, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is only possible through a healthy diet and exercising daily. Avoid smoking if you are fond of that. Apart from this, one can choose medical treatment or operation as an option to come out from CHD.

So, it is a life-threatening disease and requires attention as soon as possible.

Sometimes it happens that no one is around your vulnerable loved one, and they suffer from this disease. What will they do? A personal alarm is the best answer. By fixing an emergency alarm in a pendant, bracelet or the belt, you can help your elder. In case of need, they need to push the button and help will reach in no time. For the modern world, it is a life-saving device which is a high need for vulnerable persons. It also detects falls automatically, and a responsible team sends help for your elderly.


Old age comes with lots of health issues that need timely care. Above we have listed five common medical issues that aged people suffer from, but this list is never-ending. Being a responsible daughter, son, and grandchildren, it is our duty to ensure safety for our elderly, and an emergency alarm is a small step towards it. Gift a personal alarm to your elderly and allow them to live safely and happily.

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